The Ideas Dept.

Hi! I’m Kirsten…

…the ideas behind The Ideas Dept.

I live and work in beautiful Meeanjin (Brisbane), Australia, sharing my suburban backyard with my two kids, my partner, my beautiful pup, Hattie and, every now and then, our resident wild koala. Our home is near a meandering river next to which I ride my bike, and take long walks. I live for adventure and plane rides and take the opportunity to travel whenever I can.

My romp through the world of marketing began when I was a teenager. My dad used to be in advertising back in the Mad Men days of the 70s and 80s, working for big FMCG corporations, wining and dining with other ad execs. Who knows what else they got up to (I asked….he wouldn’t tell me).

It sounded so creative and fun and exciting.

And not at all like work!
And so I studied marketing at uni with dreams of the oysters and caviar lifestyle to come.

After uni I moved to the UK. Definitely slightly more exotic than my country hometown in South-East Queensland. But no oysters yet…

Moving home to Australia after five years, I found my dream role – a Marketing Manager position in a beautiful art deco theatre where I worked day in and day out with artists and creatives. I also found the wining and dining I dreamed of during plentiful opening nights and events!

I simply loved it.

And so, I became an Arts Marketing Manager by specialty. Working passionately across a variety of organisations including festivals, contemporary dance and immersive theatre.


Being an arts marketing manager taught me the skills I now use to help you, small to medium businesses who don’t have huge marketing budgets (hint: neither do arts organisations!) and who need someone with a bit of know-how to think outside the box and come up with creative ways they can get in front of their audiences.

After pivoting slightly away from arts roles I threw my energy into the world of comms agencies, helping  organisations of all types and sizes with their marketing strategy and implementation, giving me even more experience across a large range industries and organisations, from professional services to resources, property developers to environmental scientists.

My agency experience has evolved to freelancing and I am skilled at jumping in on projects to lend a helping hand or as another marketing expert to help out when the pipeline of workflow increases (but your team does not…).
In 2020 I retrained as a web designer and upgraded my skills in SEO and I love using this knowledge to help my clients build a new website, or freshen their existing one, while making sure it is working hard for you in the search engines.

Although there has definitely been less oysters and caviar in my career than I was led to believe (thanks dad!), the experience I have gained and the knowledge I have has led to this moment…the moment where I can step in to help you.
eBusiness Institute Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Masters Program

Whether you need a helping hand, some big ideas to help elevate your marketing strategy or a fresh look for your digital assets, I can help. Let’s chat.